Mow the Grass at The Right Time

A lawn or a yard is usually a homeowner’s most prized possession. However, for it to be healthy and aesthetically appealing, it needs maintenance and proper care from time to time. Cutting or mowing the grass can be called one of the most routine tasks that you can take up in a yard or a lawn during summers. Regular mowing not only strengthens the root system but also encourages more growth in addition to creating a better tolerance for conditions such as drought. That said, is there a specific time of the day when you should mow the grass to maintain a healthy and lush lawn? Let’s find out!

How Will You Know When It Is the Right Time to Mow the Grass?

The best time of the day to mow the grass usually tends to be mid-morning. This is because mowing the grass around mid-morning allows the grass sufficient time to dry out from the morning dew and at the same time, it helps in avoiding the time of the day which is the hottest. Alternatively, you can also mow the grass during late afternoons. This is because you will successfully be able to avoid the main heat on a specific day and also give the grass enough time to recover before nightfall when it is common for diseases and fungus to take hold.

When Is the Worst Time to Mow the Grass?

You should always avoid mowing the grass at midday or early in the morning. Humidity and heat are significantly reduced during daybreak but still, the morning dew can make the grass clog and clump your mower. In the same vein, if you cut the grass during midday, it can accelerate the process of moisture loss and also weaken your lawn.

When Is It Safe to Mow New Grass?

New lawns usually need time to establish their roots before you can go ahead and mow them for the very first time. Talking of seeded lawns, you might have to wait for two months or so before you can mow them. You can mow Sod within 2-3 weeks of planting them. Sprigs, plugs, and stolons require 3-6 weeks to become established. You must also remember that for seeded lawns, it is essential that all the seeds are germinated before mowing. For sprigs, plugs, sod, and stolons, the roots must be very firmly planted deep inside the soil before you consider mowing to avoid the new turf from tearing out.


Irrespective of when you mow the grass, you must always ensure that your mower blades are in good condition and super sharp so that your lawn gets the cleanest cut. It is also pertinent to mention here that you must be mindful of your mower and its cutting height. This is because if you happen to cut your lawn too short, you will be exposing the new grass shoots directly to the sun and this will deter the growth of the grass.

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