What Is the Best Way to Mow Fallen Leaves?

When it comes to mowing fallen leaves off of your yard, the best way to do that is by using lawnmowers. Consider using a
mulching mower to get rid of all the leaves that litter your yard in the spring. Using lawn mowers, Melbourne is the best way not just to clean your yard of the fallen leaves, but also to prep it for the upcoming winters.

Basics of Leaf Mulching

If you wish to dispose of fallen leaves, there is no better way than mulching them. This method helps in reducing the pile of leaves to around 1/10th of its original volume. In addition to that, the process of mulching also mixes leaf particles with grass clippings. The grass particles which are rich in nitrogen and the leaf particles which are rich in carbon compost at a quicker rate when they are both mixed than they would separately.

Lawnmowers that can side-discharge, bag and mulch, are particularly good at removing leaves. It can be done in a variety of ways too. The first way is the side-discharge. This method can be implemented if you wish to mulch the fallen leaves back into your lawn or you want to chop them up into really fine particles so that you can pick them up at a later stage with the bag and the lawn mower. It would not be wrong to say that this method works the best if the grass in your yard is moist and tall as well as if the leaf cover is wet or heavy.

It is recommended that you mow in strips to ensure that you can cut all the discharged stripes from the previous pass. It is also possible for you to mow inward or outward in concentric circles to ensure that you can cut as well as recut the particles.

Another thing you can do is set your mower to the mulching mode. If you have grass with a standard height and moist to dry leaves, this method would work well. To do this, you must begin by inserting the mulch plug into the mower. After that, close the port of side-discharge properly. Then, just mow regularly. To mulch the clippings thoroughly back into the grass, you can also make another pass at it at a right angle to the initial one.

The Perfect Lawn Mower for Leaf-Mulching

It is also important to find the perfect lawn mower, Melbourne to mulch the leaves off of your yard. A good lawn mower will offer excellent services and will mulch the leaves adeptly. It is recommended that you use one that is self-propelled and has a rear-wheel-drive. It is no secret that a mower is quite heavy on its own and even more so when the weight of the bag is added to it. Therefore, you must choose a mower accordingly and also one with a high-lift and aggressive mulching blade for optimum results.

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