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Atom 458 Deluxe Edger

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Atom 458 Deluxe Edger 
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Atom 458 Deluxe Edger 

Model: Atom 458 Delux Edger

Motor: Atom designed 26HPE high performance 2-Stroke commercial engine, (500+ hours). Certified to meet Euro5 emission requirements.

Maximum Power Rating: 0.9kw (0.2hp)

Fuel: 50:1 Petrol/Oil Mix

Weight: 7.5kg (16.8lbs)

Blades: 271mm (102/3”) length

Maximum Edging Depth Garden Plots: 75mm (3”) .

Gear box reduction: 3:54:1 Hardened spiral bevel gears

Wheel: Large easy rolling 150mm (6") wheel. Very manoeuvrable.

Power Drive: Solid precision 12mm diameter of shafts with 4 sealed ball bearings
(No belts).

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